Wednesday, 11 November 2020 02:31

Until September 2020, Investment in the Industrial Sector has Increased by 37 Percent

Minister of Industry (Menperin) Agus Gumiwang said, during the Covid-19 pandemic or in the January to September 2020 period, investment entering the industrial sector reached Rp 201.9 trillion. This figure is up 37 percent compared to the same period in 2019. "So, we can see that during this pandemic, investment in the industrial sector, yes, the January-September 2020 period rose 37 percent compared to the previous period. In 2020, the industry absorbs IDR 201.9 trillion investment, ”said Agus in the KPCPEN Update talkshow: National Economic Recovery, Monday (9/11/2020).

Therefore, the Ministry of Industry continues to ensure that the industry continues to operate during this pandemic so that layoffs in the industrial sector can be suppressed. Investments help prevent layoffs. "So since the beginning I said we were spinning our brains, how can the industrial sector continue to operate in the midst of a very severe threat of a pandemic or virus," he said. He is well aware that the operation of these industries or factories will certainly prevent layoffs and prevent employees from being laid off. Therefore, he encouraged investment to keep factories running so that labor absorption would continue. "So those investments are also a key word for us to prevent layoffs and create new jobs," he said.

Agus emphasized from the start that his party was aggressive and was well aware that the economy through industrial activities could not be left behind, although on the one hand the handling of health had to be in front, while the industrial sector had to follow closely behind."So now is not the time for the industrial sector to be able to get ahead of the health sector, but it should not be far behind the health sector, this industrial sector which we have really tried to handle from the beginning," he concluded.




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