Membership Categories

Our membership are categorized into: Honorary, Institutional Founders, Companies, and Individuals.

Honorary and Institutional memberships status is applicable to representatives of Sistema Italia (Italian Embassy, the Italian Institute of Culture, and the Italian Trade Commission) and other Institutional Organizations (e.g., European Union, Consulate, etc.).

Founder membership status is applicable to the initial Companies founders of IBAI, under current active membership status. No new Founders can enroll into IBAI.

Company and Individual membership status is applicable to new member’s enrollment according to corporate subscription (Company) or private subscription (Individual).

Membership status for enrolment and yearly fees are as per below:


Membership Categories

Membership Privileges

IBAI membership offers access to business forum discussion, sectorial information, networking opportunities, and contact with local Government and Trade associations.

IBAI membership also entitles you to access and receive;
1. Regulatory updates
• It’s a summary of the official updates issued by the Indonesian Government and Ministries on regulations, policies, press conferences, and instructions
• It covers investment and trade regulations important to foreign investors and companies in Indonesia.
• Regularly issued by email 2-3 times a week.

2. Biweekly E-news
• It contains 12 highlighted articles related to Economic, Trade, and Investment in Indonesia, and information on Social and Culture in Indonesia and Italy.
• Additional coverage: IBAI members news
• Source: daily media monitoring published on the IBAI communication platforms
• Regularly issued by email every 2 weeks on Monday.

Members can enjoy different benefits according to the Membership status

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