Wednesday, 08 May 2024 10:28

Halal Certification of MSME Products Mandatory from Oct: Ministry

The Ministry of Trade of Indonesia is set to enforce mandatory halal certification for products manufactured by Indonesian medium-sized businesses or micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) starting October 2024. Minister of Trade, Zulkifli Hasan, announced this decision in Tangerang, emphasizing the necessity to ensure compliance with halal standards to bolster consumer and producer confidence, particularly in the global market. To adhere to the set standards, businesses must fulfill various requirements, encompassing halal certification, Indonesian National Standard (SNI) compliance, distribution permits, and adherence to weight and health quality standards. This initiative also includes rigorous monitoring of products, including culinary items, aimed at safeguarding domestic consumers from potential harm.

The Mandatory Halal October program, spearheaded by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, aims not only to guarantee the halal status of products but also to enhance the value proposition for local businesses. A.M Rozak, an expert at the Halal Certification Agency, underscores the importance of rectifying misconceptions regarding the automatic halal status of products due to the Muslim identity of producers. The halal certification process serves a dual purpose: ensuring halal integrity and adding value to business operations. Post-certification supervision, slated to intensify after the program's implementation, involves a three-stage process, including sanctions and sales bans for non-compliant businesses. BPJPH, under the Ministry of Religious Affairs, is actively formulating supervisory regulations tailored to the needs of local businesses. They have assured a nuanced approach, especially towards MSMEs, considering factors like turnover. Stringent sanctions will be applied judiciously, balancing regulatory compliance with the support for MSMEs' growth and development.




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