Thursday, 08 June 2023 09:55

Vice President of Indonesia Observes the Largest Hydroponic Farm in Indonesia

Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia conduct official visit to the Riau Islands and inspect the modern hydroponic farming area of Batamindo Green Farm in Southlink Tiban, Batam. The Vice President also observed the production process of various vegetable commodities cultivated using modern hydroponic systems, resulting in high-quality and excellent vegetables. The approximately 50-hectare area is cultivated with various vegetables. The presence of Batamindo Green Farm, also known as PT Singapura Segar Sayur Hijau not only contributes to food security but also produces affordable and environmentally friendly fresh vegetables, and created new job opportunities. It operates in two locations, in Riau Islands and in West Java, employing a total of approximately 534 workers. The production volume is approximately total of 28,000 metric tons.
The fresh vegetable produce from Batamindo Green Farm not only meets international market demands but is also distributed in the local market. Approximately 80% of the production is exported, while the remaining 20% caters to the local/domestic market, and the entire production is ready to meet various market demands. The Vice President also urged to continuously explore various potentials necessary to capture international market shares, such as Singapore. As the Singaporean market remains wide open for other productions such as meat. Batamindo Green Farm is the largest modern hydroponic cultivation area in Indonesia, developed to produce high-quality vegetables using advanced and precise farming techniques. The farm not only focuses on producing high-quality vegetables but also adheres to sustainable and environmentally friendly principles, resulting in the production of export-quality and high-value fresh vegetables.

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