Monday, 12 July 2021 11:12

It Turns Out that, This is The sector that Dominates Indonesia's Export Performance

The industrial sector made a dominant contribution to national exports in May 2021. It was recorded that this sector contributed 77.3 percent of the total value of Indonesia's exports of USD 16.60 billion. From the details, the industrial sectors that contributed were still dominated by iron and steel, machinery and electronics, jewelry, footwear, paper and pulp, and clothing. "The industrial sector will make a dominant contribution to Indonesia's exports in May 2021," said Deputy Minister of Trade Jerry Sambuaga in Jakarta, Friday (9/7/2021).

He is also grateful that Indonesia continues the surplus trend in the trade balance. From January to May 2021, Indonesia's surplus has reached USD 10.17 billion. In 2020, Indonesia's total trade balance surplus will reach USD 20 billion. This means, according to Jerry, the achievements of 2020 can be obtained again or even exceeded. The contribution of the Industrial sector is said to need to be strengthened and intensified to technology-intensive industrial products.

This relates to the transformation of Indonesia's industrial economy, which aims to increase added value and efficiency in production."We must continue to encourage and facilitate industries that are technology-intensive and produce high-tech products. This is a must, shifting is a must if we want to strengthen competitiveness and take great added value," he said. Therefore, all ministries, institutions and stakeholders must increase synergy and collaboration. The trade ministry, he said, would work hard in matters related to the downstream sector. For example, opening market access, facilitating exhibitions, marketing and smooth supply chain as well as standardizing and testing product quality. "We can do a lot at the Ministry of Trade, but in essence, we really have to collaborate, with that we are optimistic that product and industry shifting can work," he said.

For Jerry, the younger generation, both millennials and Generation Z, are assets as well as the driving force behind the shifting. This is because in addition to having sufficient scientific capacity, the young generation of Indonesia is also known to be very creative and full of enthusiasm. "In my opinion, this is the era of young people. The pattern of production and industry has changed greatly. In the past, the seniors were very dominating," he said. Jerry continued, now everyone can play an important role. In fact, many sectors and industries are actually led and directed by children who are still in their teens. "It means, anyone has the opportunity to lead at this time," said Jerry. For this reason, he hopes that the younger generation will continue to develop innovation and network. Both in terms of network and marketing and capital. He believes that there are many programs of ministries and institutions that can be used to develop their products.




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