Thursday, 04 March 2021 08:44

Details of the PP Derivative of the Marine Sector Job Creation Law, from Ease of Investment to Social Security

Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Sakti Wahyu Trenggono revealed, of a total of 51 implementing regulations for the Job Creation Law, three of them are related to the marine and fisheries sectors. One of them is Government Regulation Number 27 of 2021 concerning the Implementation of the Marine and Fisheries Sector, which was enacted on February 2, 2021.

According to Trenggono, this regulation is an attempt by the government to facilitate investment. "The stipulation of this government regulation is an effort of the government, especially the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) to unravel the overlapping regulations that hinder investment," said Trenggono in the socialization webinar of PP 27/2021 on the Implementation of the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Sector on Wednesday (3/3/2021). ).

He explained, through this regulation, the KKP had made extraordinary breakthroughs to support the policies launched by President Joko Widodo. He outlined some of the advantages of this rule. First, the use of marine space regulates the obligation to protect marine and fishery resources, such as not destroying coral reefs, so that they can be maintained and sustainable. Second, the realization of integrated and harmonious management of marine and fisheries. Third, in the capture fisheries sector, making breakthroughs in various fishing boat licenses, which have been scattered in various ministries, is sufficient only in KKP. "This policy is very much in line with the president, namely the existence of structural reforms and acceleration of economic transformation through trimming a number of regulations and procedures to make it easier for the community," said Trenggono.

This regulation also regulates the provision of social security for fishing boat crews. In addition, it also includes provisions on the import of fishery and salt commodities. Through this PP, there is a paradigm shift in law enforcement in the field of KKP. "Supervision and sanctions that have been oriented towards punishment are perfected in this PP by using and prioritizing administrative sanctions," said Trenggono.

Previously, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) in collaboration with The Agence Française de Development (AFD) will develop a fishing port that applies an eco fishing port system. The scheme is carried out to build and maintain a fishing port that is friendly and environmentally sound.

Acting Director General of Capture Fisheries, M. Zaini, explained that AFD has conducted a study on the eco fishing port development program since 2014. The program has also been listed in the 2020 Green Book / DRPPLN (Foreign Loan Utilization Plan Document) in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of PPN / Bappenas Number 65 of 2020. "With the publication of this Green Book, it means that the Directorate General of Capture Fisheries as the Executing Agency and the Directorate of Fisheries as the Implementing Agency need to prepare for the next stage. Last week we conducted a survey at the Cilacap Ocean Fishery Port (PPS) and the Pekalongan Nusantara Fishery Port (PPN). together with the Director of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Bapennas which will be projected as one of the project locations, "said Zaini in his statement on Wednesday (24/2/2021).

According to Zaini, the two locations already have environmental feasibility studies and are ready for development. The local government also provides support in order to advance the maritime and fisheries sector on the southern and northern coasts of Java. "PPS Cilacap will be projected in the Outer Fishing Ports Development activities which will become a center for the energy industry, development for the agricultural industry and development for the fishery industry. Likewise, PPN Pekalongan will be developed into an onshore fishing port as an effort to overcome tidal floods (tidal) which It often happens in the North Pekalongan sub-district, "he continued.




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